2016 - Digital Videos & Stills

Is randomness possible? Can't any sequence of random numbers be a part of a much larger pattern? 

Is order possible? Are patterns a result of our reliance on experiencing ourselves around structures and narratives?

I experimented with a video of floating dust particles in the air, in order to try and meditate on randomness versus patterns. I manipulated the video to reveal the path the dust particles follow while traveling. I then multiplied and rotated the image several times to discover patterns similar to geometric patterns that emerge in islamic art. In the context of islamic art, showing beauty equates to showing beauty of its creator, and geometry is a commonly used tool in islamic art. Throughout history, alongside its functional and pragmatic use, geometry has served to point to the "hidden order" of things. Creating a pattern out of randomness as an artistic practice coincides with this notion of trying to uncover newer layers of perception and connection to the universe.

Below you can find a video of these patterns emerging and changing, as well as still examples and prototypes.