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2018 - Interactive Digital Installation

Growth is a user-driven digital drawing/animation installation. The user, through a physical controller, draws abstract images by guiding a brush that creates plant-like patterns and shapes. I aimed to provide an experience where the users would lose track of time.

Growth is my first extensive creative coding project.

I coded it in P5.js, so it also works in the browser. While working on it, I aimed to generate plant-like visuals in the simplest way I could devise. I stumbled upon interesting looks and patterns, which I've also included in this page. I've ended up creating a system which relies on both the random() and the noise() functions. In other words; I've used mathematical representations of both randomness and natural order in order to create the drawing system

I wanted. 

The final version can be controlled both by the physical controller and the html elements. It's possible to create a variety of aesthetics with the system.

Images from ITP's 2018 Winter Show

A drawing created collectively by a number of guests at ITP's 2018 Winter Show

Demo of the Final Version:

1st Visual Prototypes:

Drawing System Prototype I:

Drawing System Prototype II:

Drawing System Prototype III:

Final System with html Elements:

Fabrication Process:

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