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A Case of Stairs

2008 - Digital Video

4m, 25fps

A case of Stairs is an experimental film that's a Sisyphean meditation on infinity. The narrative is resolved by stating it's own unresolvability. I developed the concept with Erik Wikstol who's been my collaborator on the visual and narrative side this project.


The music of this film is, Composer Anıl Çamcı's piece "Do You Remember Rob Nolasco?" which was composed in 2007. He describes his work as " depicts an unresolved mystery in two movements mimicking one another." The two pieces overlap their areas of contemplation. A Case of Stairs was screened at a number of electronic music festivals in the US.


Concept, Direction: Bora Aydıntuğ, Erik Wikstol

Music: Anıl Çamcı

Camera & Editing: Bora Aydıntuğ

Actor: Erik Wikstol

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