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I'm an experimental visual artist from Istanbul. I create art experimentally in order to evoke curiosity and self reflection in others. I program generative drawing systems, design interactions, and perform live. I work with video, code and physical computing in order to try and get a better sense of my inner universe.

In one of my latest projects; Experiments in Expressive EEG (2020), I used my brainwaves to create abstract digital paintings/drawings, through a visual program I coded. 


Generative Artist, 2017-present:

Programs/authors generative animations, art-making tools and visual interactions in various platforms. 

Fluid Artist, 2014-present:

Developed a unique method to capture fluid dynamics. Has a still growing library of fluid visuals, captured during experiments & live performances.

Filmmaker, 2007-present:

Writes, shoots, edits and produces experimental and narrative short films.

Freelance Director, 2010-2016:

Produced and directed promotional commercial films for web through his independent production company.


MPS, Interactive Telecommunications 2018-2020

Tisch School of the Arts, New York University

MA, Film and Video 2009-2012

Istanbul Bilgi University, Istanbul

BA, Film Video and Interactive Arts 2006-2009

Middlesex University, London