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Experiments in 

Expressive EEG

2020 - Digital Drawings

I created visual art with my thoughts and feelings. I did this, both to explore the expressive capabilities of EEG, and to create new kinds of conversations with the artwork. I hoped these conversations would turn into feedback loops, so both me and the artwork would augment each other. 

Although data is one of the fundamental aspects of the process, this is not a data visualization project. I wanted to create a medium that facilitates a phenomenological effort, and I’ve tried to reflect myself off of that medium. The clarity and the depth of my reflection depend on my understanding of not only the potentials of but also the limitations of both the medium and myself.


I’ve created visual art with open eyes, eyes closed and a mixture of both. I’ve relied on memories, positive and negative emotions, contemplative practices and curiosity.

For more in-depth explanation about the process, please watch my presentation for this project.



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