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2014 - Digital Video

2m31s, 24fps

Organic was created by capturing the experimentally created fluid world inside a container, with a macro lens. It’s one of my darker pieces; it deals with movements of infiltration and contamination while meditating on feelings of fear, guilt and shame, without necessarily making a distinction between the other and the object of the other inside us. The Music for the piece was composed by Avi Medina.


This piece is one of my earlier fluid experiments, and deals mostly with depth as opposed to the majority of my fluid artwork that deals with surface tension. Most of the tens of hours of footage which were captured after this piece, consist of my experiments on analog emergence of portals into ourselves through the seemingly magical dynamics the chemical reactions express on the surface of the fluid mixture.


Video: Bora Aydıntuğ

Music: Avi Medina

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