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Uncertain Structures (I-II-III)

2018 & 2020 - Digital Drawings

In this two part series, I've used an autonomous drawing system, which means; once I make some changes to the code and run it, all I have to do is observe and wait for powerful instances as a result of the self assembly of elements on screen. These elements are rotating both around a moving center point and also around each other on a 2D plane, this however creates a sense of depth and presents patterns that are reminiscent of volumetric structures that exist in a 3D space.

Working on this piece has turned into an experiential encounter with the representation of how mathematics seem to be aligned with the expressions of our shared universe. By watching the structures unfold, I'm not able to differentiate between, who's building, who's dwelling and where all of this is happening.

The first series use typographic elements as their building block. In the second series, I've used a computer with a significantly more powerful CPU, in order to utilize a higher number of elements that are smaller in size, and used basic geometry instead of typographic elements, in order to get a different texture and feeling. The third series is the continuation of the first series with different rules.

Series I (2018)

Series II (2020)

Series III (2020)

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