2012 - Digital Video

6m9s, 25fps

Want is an experimental film. It's a glimpse behind the curtain of civilization. It was captured in an Ironworks. The seeming anger iron expresses upon being manipulated is a metaphor for the consequences of neglect and abuse. The neglect and abuse correspond to underrepresentation on both collective and individual levels.


As long as there’s "me" there will always be a curtain to make "me" possible, and there can never be a single  curtain; there are always infinite number of curtains behind it, as is the nature of curtains. The possibility of 

no-curtain always exists, however “me” vanishes in light of this possibility being fulfilled. For these reasons, stepping through layers of curtains is indeed an expansion of being into new domains, yet although it may include a spiritual aspect, it never is a transcendental undertaking, rather it’s a social and individualistic responsibility, the yields of which should be used to update our systems, our collective and individual moral priori in order to change the way we relate to each other.


Video: Bora Aydıntuğ

Music: Murat Gülbay

Production Assistant: Oğul Kargül